At first, it feels like abandonment,

Like leaving your house with the lights on and the door unlocked.

The belongings inside mistaken for treasures,

For what is within you is all you need for your journey.

No map to route your way.

No grand vessel to voyage on.

The winds have changed at the same exact time

You have begun to feel your wings grow.

Doubt must be left behind,

Echoing in the valleys below. 

It is time to soar,

Upwards and onwards.

High above you will rove.

Do not fear the elevation,

For height is for the durable. 

Ask the trees, they know.

Do not fear the vastness,

For distance is for those who endure.

Ask the sailors, they know.

Do not fear feeling homesick,

It is a trick to hinder your flight.

Ask the birds, they know

For home will always be there,

With arms wide open singing you a lullaby you almost forget.

Look back with patience at the lessons that took you longer to learn. 

Look ahead with valor at all the ones that you are yet to be taught.

Your journey is not close to ending,

But you will make a few stops.

And when you do,

Settle in, make yourself at home,

Decorate it abundantly, 

Hang the sepia-toned memories on the walls,

Welcome the guests that have been waiting,

Let them spill wine onto your couch and into your heart,

Remember who you are at this very moment,

Because you will bid Farewell soon.

When it is time to leave again,

To newer summits of yourself.

This is your migration.

By Michelle Bado

Michelle is a Film graduate currently working as a drama teacher and a freelance actress. She aspires to spread empathy and magic through any form of expression. Writing poetry from a young age, she has 2 poems published in books for young readers. She also enjoys writing screenplays for short films.

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