Do you ever feel like you are your own burden?

Every time I punch the void, a part of me is sent away.

It seems like I have reached a full capacity of numbness and I’m overflowing my body.

But what is there left that’s taking so much space in me?

My own property has been embezzled,

I’m feeling threatened by my skin, 

My bloody, poisonous, muddy, vicious skin,

Skin that carves violence and feeds itself agony.

A stranger in my body, suspicious.

The closer I walk towards the edge, the better I become,

with nothing left to lose, death will be my only encounter.

Loss has taken so much of my time that I have no minutes left to lose,

The clock is ticking faster announcing the moment of grief.

Will I lose myself during the process? Will I lose you?

Will this little hope evaporate and let despair win?

Will it actually end my pain?

The void has been taking away what’s precious, and since I’m hopeless,

Call it kamikaze, but I’ll make sure to save you.

No matter what it takes, I’ll keep toxic substances away,

Even if there is one glass left, think about who you are surrendering to.

Tonight, if I’ll make it out alive

And I have not lost myself

And you filled me up with anticipation

And guided me through aspiration

So our hands could intertwine

And our souls collide

And our lips seal,

Promise to defuse this ticking bomb.

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