“You cannot buy me with dimes”

“You cannot buy me with lies”

I said.

And my heart, was into crumbs smashed 

Into pieces, breathed by the wind 

That merged and grew 

To make: me 

A soul, but also a beating heart 

Therefore, sold at no cost.

But as I aged, 

I no longer wanted of me, 

The slave, bought by a golden penny 

Stepped on by feet, covered in dust 

Screaming out for peace and liberty, 

Agonizing lust. 

And so I offered my cold soul a blanket 

And gave my lost life a glass

And as I dressed the table and served the banquet, 

I poured some wine and got drunk. 

One last time. 

One last time, 

As I gave Beirut’s smoking skies a breath

And some stones to rebuild its walls 

Packed with some life as I leave, 

And promises, filled with love.

Beirut was the one whom I referred to 

During  the cries, and hardships of life 

But also during the sunny, radiant days 

Where my soul blasted with happiness, 

No other would come to compare 

To the capital’s blue, neat, and clear skies. 

I’ve always seen myself, wandering through its horizons 

Looking for letters, encyclopedias, dictionaries,  

Paper, ink, and meanings 

To understand what being sovereign would mean,

And how leading myself would feel

Just like Beirut, I am

Just like Beirut, I wanted to be 

Beirut’s now

Defined by bets, trades, and sales

As I rely on others to lead me

Beirut’s now taken away from its worth

As I also miss mine dreadfully 

Beirut that will someday be

One, independent, free and sovereign city 

Smiling as she and I share our dreams. 

Our vivid images of silhouettes we longed to be.

On sunny days and stormy nights, 

Brought by neither vague words nor worthy dimes, 

Only defined, by our very own, authentic boundaries. 

She, a mistress of her own land 

And me, lord of my own soil, 

Drinking to freedom we would be,

Chanting the departure of our governors 

As all what it ever brought, 

Was nothing but what we need, 

Freedom, Freedom, and Sovereignty.

That remains to us, nothing, but a vague dream.

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