At first, there was nothing but darkness. Then God said, “Let there be light.” 

Before one could even blink, beams of light – emerging from God’s own luminescence – came charging to fill what was once an abyss of emptiness.  

Souls,” God named them.

They were to take home in the form of clay and bring it to life, but even a single soul was too bright, too strong for one body to handle.

And so God ordered for each soul to be split in half, and the two halves were to be placed in separate bodies. 

Soul mates,” the angels called them. 

I’ve heard multiple versions of that legend. The distinction of each version concerns me not; some say it was Zeus who split us, others refer to more religious readings. The one thing that always occurs to me is if I have ever met mine. I couldn’t possibly tell.

What if you have met your soulmate? You’re both under the same sky, looking at the same moon and wishing upon the same stars. 

You both saw a shooting star except you whispered his name, he whispered another’s…

What if your soulmate was living on the opposite end of the world? 

What if…

What if you fell in love with him? You fell in love with him in this whole new world, in this restricted, awfully tight skin. You fell. He didn’t. 

You can’t force him to fall in love, so you swallow the pain in silence as it tears down your throat. That’s the price of being human. You feel the thrill of love and the pain of the heartbreak.

People say they love one another with their whole hearts. You though, you never said that; it appeared to be unreasonable to love him with what’s bound to stop beating one day and wither away with the rest of this skin that clothes you. Instead, you loved him with your whole soul, every bit of it. Your atoms clenched to his, your half longing for his. Longing. Do you even know what longing is? You don’t need a dictionary for that, darling. It’s when the pain travels from your heart and spreads across your body, pumps through your blood, reaches your limbs, and chains them. You start to decay, soon you might turn into dust. This is longing and I longed for him. Like Adam longed for paradise again, like Eve for that damned apple, like Lucifer for divinity. I longed for him…

I’m not certain if the story is true. But even if we were not split in half, I’m half a soul without you.

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