Artwork by Rayan Mansour @rayanistyping

I am a kaleidoscope

compiled with infinite colors. 

A cosmic spectrum of hues. 

The earth spins. 

It exists as I exist,

Therefore I spin along. 

And as I do,

p at t ern s change. 

Light strikes,

and reveals unpaved roads

leading to uncharted territories,

territories that will one day be left in ruins.

Darkness shadows,

and memory plays its tricks;

ruins often look the same.

Yet, ruins only remind me of what was built there before.

Don’t let memory trick you

into forgetting what shouldn’t be forgotten.

Those are the territories I tread carefully through 

to not fall and scrape my knee

on the morphing mosaic of all that I am.

When I look closely I see my

r              k          n

b           o              e 

pieces poorly glued together

in hopes to redeem what should be left scattered,

blown away by the winds of change.

But when I break away from my magnifying glass, I see much more.

Broken pieces don’t remain shattered, but they form.

And together, with all our pieces,

we build something far more intricate.

A kaleidoscope compiled with infinite colors.

Our pa t te rn s changing.

The Earth still spinning.

A cosmic spectrum of hues.

Michelle Bado

Michelle is a film graduate now based in California. She aspires to spread empathy and magic through any form of expression, whether it’s writing screenplays or poetry. She’s been writing since a young age, and has poems published in books for young readers.

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