i hold within me 

a haunted heart

filled with constant blame.

it culminated recklessly 

with past mistakes,

forcing my soul to escape

from all the doubts that passed my way. 

it keeps on whispering

“what if you reacted differently, would things still end the same?

would the ghosts roam around if you fight this time? 

or will the miserable memories 

stand hand in hand

to break you down?” 

ghosts of misery

ring twice a day

reminding me,

i won’t heal

nor be myself ever again. 

i always whisper back

“trust in me 

as i trusted in you, 

and i’ll hunt every path 

my eyes stumble on 

to assure you

we’re not to blame.” 

strangers pass by

knocking on my heart.

once they hear her response, 

they slowly walk away. 

until the day comes 

when an extravagant soul

breaks the habit 

and decides to stay,

with his promise to embrace 

every combination of mine.

whether it’s a haunted heart, 

reckless or not, 

he promised to be there  

as i build my soul up

to remove all the ashes, 

until they disappear, 

and are replaced with love.

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