Photography taken by Eva-Maria Mahfouz


She walked holding her flag proudly

Her rights loudly

With one clear vision

The walls, her home, Beirut…

All she’s ever known


Now it remains 

Just an image, a reflection

All else gone, and she wonders

Was it all in vain?


What now, she thinks

The walls all vanished

Her country’s all famished 

What is it that had stayed? 

Was it her?


To fight or to flight

To dream or to open her eyes

But wait, is it really flight 

When the flag’s all burned out

When they openly flout

What remains of her rights


But then there’s this lingering thought… 

What about the others?

Is she to leave them in this drought?
Her family, her friends, strangers 

Like her, they all have fought

For a decent life, a decent living 

This is the dilemma in which she is caught.

By Eva-Maria Mahfouz

Eva is an aspiring director and actress, currently pursuing a film degree. She’s also a dancer and an empath that enjoys film analysis and constantly looks for ways to help. She loves exploring and expressing through different art forms whether it be movement, visuals, voice, or good-old-fashioned pen on paper.

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