Far in the horizon, boats look like castles and you wonder why.
Is it because of the hot weather?
Neither of us can tell.
But there’s one thing everyone’s sure of,
You dream of boats.
You dream of oceans, of warm sand kissing your feet asking you to linger.
You dream of voyages, you don’t know exactly where, but you know you want to go away.
Not on a vacation my dear; such departures are no vacation but rather crimsoned farewells.

The farewell you’ve been visualizing for decades.
It’s somehow funny, you’ve never been on a boat.
I think it’s even paradoxical; you dream of boats and oceans but you might suffer from seasickness.
Even you can’t figure this out.
Isn’t it a paradox?
You fall in love with images, with farewells, with boats that look like castles.
I always ask myself…
Why don’t you finally do it?
Why don’t you finally go on your dreamed voyage?
The castle’s still in the skyline…
The hot weather mutated itself; it became a soft breeze for you.
Come on, they are waiting for you.
They all know you dream of exotic aromas, of Paris and its little bistros.
Even the seagulls know your visions; Italy and its language.
We can all guess that you’re obsessed with Greece and its black shores.
So run, the boats are waiting for you.
What’s wrong?
Come on, we won’t wait long. 

We’ve been waiting for an eternity.
Is it the seagulls?
Do they not meet your expectations?
Or is it the boat?
You wanted one with a sail?
What is it?
We’ll no longer wait, we too dream of other lands.
Won’t you tell me what’s wrong?
We were supposed to share the same room; roommates, you once said.
You once told the seagulls you wanted to discover new crimsoned islands.

They made fun of you and to tease you, they told you they already found numerous ones.
You wanted to become the new Leif Erikson; you wanted to find your America away from all.
You didn’t want to find treasures on your island; just reconciliation, exotic flowers, and maybe – not necessarily – pearls.
We all know your obsession with jewelry…

But the pearls would be different; you’d send them to your lovers on the other islands.
It’s evident, we know your intriguing ideas.
But now, why don’t you come?
Mother once said: the sky is vast but the ocean is even wider.
Come now. I can no longer beg them to wait for you!
Oh, I forgot!
You must be on your balcony invaded by the thought that boats can actually look like castles.
Your crimsoned island turned out to be your castle,
The one from your balcony;
The one in the breeze,
The shadowed,
Astray one…
The one in your head.
The boats departed, and instead wished to go on a journey with you… assured that the boat in your head would laudably travel farther.

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