Rain falls the way my tears turn into immaculate emotions

Light blue flame candle, this is the soothing moment I’ve been seeking

I found peace when I dripped into this warm ocean

The state of dreaming didn’t cause any water leakage

The rescue was successful, but you stole my heart

Robbers never needed permission to take any of my belongings

As absurd as it sounds, you took my breath away

Metaphorically speaking, blue became yellow

Perhaps it would never go back to grey

Unless you abandon my world unmellow

As much as I spend time with you, flowers eventually wilt

Just like the stars, I’ll have to disappear, but I’ll come back later

A spear settles in my chest the moment I leave

It’s harder than I thought to wait for another day

One day becomes a month, this is grief

I wonder what would become my getaway

I’d still send you love letters though

That smell like my hair and a cherry kiss

Thinking of you wouldn’t let my words flow

Grab my hand virtually into the abyss

Intertwining our fingers made my world move too fast

You turned my agony into satisfaction

Like a butterfly landing on my chest

I know it’s been a few minutes since I’ve asked

But can you be my only distraction?

The hurricane that flips my world?

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