Your laughter echoes alive in the back of my mind

And your fumbled words lay heavy on my chest

Lifeless, my heart beats

Silently, my voice shrieks

And unbearably, my flesh depletes

I lay and bleed in broken colors

And within these colors you find me, alive





For a hand to hold

For an embrace to call home,

For a murmur that can carry me upon a cloud, 

Taking me places where I could venture and I could roam

You indulged in my remnants as if they were your own

You showed me the sun and when the sun hit my broken colors

I let her melt me into one

The colors that scream my name and leave my monsters untamed

those that were festering within

leaving mold under my skin 

ripening my sickening self 

The sun filled the cracks engraved upon my flesh with her golden hues

I ought to burn in embers 

Of what remains of my fractures 

As you enveloped my brittle heart

Bestowing upon me what remains of your warmth

I radiate in darkness 

And brightness is what I became

By Malak Abouzahr

Malak Abouzahr is a literature student and a poet. She fell in love with poetry and books in her early childhood, and ever since she devoted herself to literature. She tries to express herself in poetry and art as freely and as wholly as she can.

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