Artwork by Rayan Mansour @rayanistyping

What is a minute outside of your body

Sixty seconds of deflated lungs gasping for air

Blue vessels draining the last drop of your blood

Voice straining to speak, tears staining the sheets

Sand grains in an hourglass with no gravity

Gravitating towards the light of a single bulb, like a fly with severed wings

Seven lives for a cat is my one eternity

My one, will you cry for me when I am gone?

Undone soul I am, like a silk ribbon holding together this bouquet of life

Buttoned your collar to hide the noose on your neck, we have never been our own

Only avoiding public execution; tied this noose too loose but we dare not tug and pull

Shedding our skins constantly for we have never been our own

Let loose my love 

This dance floor is a rental, so try to sell our facade wedding

Building a loveless life through the blessings they give

I guess I’ll rest in knowing it’s momentarily real 

Until we’re both left alone, we’ll be reminded that we are not our own

Only when you’re alone can you be free to scrape what is left of your core, the one you’ve come to abhor

I was once the weight of a dust ball in a windless room

Mama bring back my helium balloon from the skies

For my body is one with the concrete ground and I cannot see in the morning sun 

Papa lift me on your shoulder let me reach beyond this cloud 

Toss me into the air so that my body can grab my soul 

We stole the heat of the sun and blamed God for the cold in our bones


What is a minute outside of your body? 

I cannot remember the last time my body was mine. 

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